Private Snorkeling For 2 Hours With 3 Spots

Discover the magic of the Gili Islands with our exclusive private snorkeling excursion, a two-hour aquatic journey that will leave you in awe of the natural beauty beneath the crystal-clear waters. Underwater Statue: Your adventure begins at the captivating Underwater Statue. Descend into a world of wonder, where art and nature intertwine. Explore this submerged […]

Sharing Snorkeling With The Group, During 4 Hours

PRICE IN IDR 175K / IN USD 12$ DEPARTURE TIME AT 09::30 AM,10:00 AM,10:30 AM & 13:00 PM, Snorkelling tour for 4 hours with 3 snorkeling spots, namely underwater statues, turtle points and blue coral, after finishing snorkeling, we stop at Gili Air for lunch and sightseeing, after that we return to Gili T , […]

Private Snorkeling For 4 Hours With 4 Snorkeling Spots

PRICE IN IDR 750K / IN USD 50$ PRIVATE SNORKELING FOR 4 HOURS WITH 4 SNORKELING SPOTS, namely UNDERWATER STATUE, BLUE CORAL, TURTLE POINT, & UNDERWATER VESPA , after finishing snorkeling you can stop at Gili Meno for lunch or take a walk to the turtle hatchery and saltwater lake, for Private Snorkeling, you can […]